Learn to Fail

Learn to Fail. Some amateurs assume that pros never miss a shot. That pros never take a bad shot. That pros keep 100% of the shots they take. Nonsense. Pros fail. A lot. Pros fail far more than they succeed, but they succeed far more than they need to in order to fulfill the job. In fact, if pros are not failing all the time, they rarely progress beyond a simplistic and formulaic way of shooting pictures. If I've got spare time with a camera in my hand I'm in either practice or play mode, or both. The more you follow through on the failure (take the shot as opposed to just skipping over it), the more information you get. Thom Hogan wrote recently about the fact that it takes 10,000 hours or so to become a master of something. Most of those 10,000 hours are failures. You learn far more from failures if you are open to it than you ever will from your successes. Go out and fail at a photograph today. Fail correctly and your photography will be better tomorrow