Got it!

Got my new D3s last Thursday. One word: fantastic!
The D3s is a typical member of the D3 dynasty. It is a large, solidly built DSLR designed for heavy-duty use without missing a beat. While I would not go so far as suggesting you could use it to bang in nails, I will say that the D3s has an incredibly robust feel and I would worry for my newly tiled kitchen floor if I was unlucky enough to drop it there.
Despite its weight, though, it does feel nicely balanced – especially when fitted with the high-spec, fast aperture lenses like the 14-24mm lens.
I will say that it is a thoroughly inspiring piece of kit to use and its high sensitivity means you can carry on shooting in the poorest light and without using a tripod.
That would count for nothing if the results from using the high ISOs were poor and unusable, but they are not. Yes, there is noise and detail loss at the equivalent of ISO 102,400, but you still get an image – and try getting that sort of speed from film!